As producers continue to build processing and gathering infrastructure in oil and gas fields throughout the world, the focus has changed to expediting cash flow, which has challenged the industry to focus on designing and building facilities that meet a wide range of process conditions, enable quick installation and have scalability. Woodserv offers modularized skids for surface facilities which improves safety and quality; it also means design flexibility, where processing and handling capacities can be adapted over time.

Early Production Facilities (EPF)


Whether our clients’ objective is to perform flareless well testing to gather critical data for exploration and appraisal wells, accelerate first hydrocarbons to minimise CAPEX exposure or to quickly increase facility throughput in modularised phases, WoodServ possesses the capabilities to develop surface facilities from conceptual design through to O&M.

As part of our process solutions division, our locally based multi-discipline engineering team with expertise in process & package design supported by civil, mechanical, piping, electrical & instrument disciplines give us the ability to tailor our facilities to suit our clients’ particular specifications in close coordination with our local fabrication yards whilst enhancing local content/in-country value.

Gas Dehydration Units (GDU)

Within our range of gas processing solutions, we offer gas dehydration units (GDU) to bring gas production within client-specified export pipeline water dewpoint limits.

These GDU packages can be tailored to a range of flows, gas compositions, process conditions and export specifications and are locally designed, engineered and fabricated in modular units to provide seamless coordination between the engineering, procurement and fabrication phases with the client.

Wellhead Compression

Wellhead Compression Mature oil and gas wells often struggle to reach their optimal economic potential despite continuing to have access to considerable remaining reserves. The wells are often constrained by higher delivery pressure required at the wellhead, providing a significant “back-pressure” preventing fluids inflow from the reservoir and/or up through the production tubing. As a result, the remaining reserves in mature gas fields struggle to meet economic thresholds when conventional methods are no longer effective.

Woodserv provides modular Well Head Compression (WHC) packages which include liquid handling systems. Our packages are capable of handling a wide range suction conditions - gas compositions including high-H2S gases, suction and discharge pressure.