We provide Innovative, economically viable solutions to enhance Oil & Gas Production through compression.

Compression Solutions

This is especially useful for marginal or non-producing oil & gas wells. In addition, we also provide off-shore and on-shore Gas Compression packages, custom engineered to meet the requirements of the regional and international market.

We are aligned with some of the World’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers of air & gas compressors, gas engines and electric motors. Some of our Gas Compressors applications include:

  • Wellhead Compression (WHC) Woodserv provides modular Well Head Compression (WHC) packages which include liquid handling systems. Our packages are capable of handling a wide range suction conditions - gas compositions including high-H2S gases, suction and discharge pressure.
  • Gas Injection / withdrawal Compressors Storage compressors are used primarily to pump gas from a transmission pipeline into an underground gas storage field during the injection season. In addition to injecting gas into storage facilities during the summer season, the same compressors are used to pump gas from the storage field to the pipeline during the winter withdrawal period.
  • Gas Lift Gas lifts use the artificial lift method by injecting gas into the production tubing to raise water or oil. The gas is usually high pressure gas. Woodserv supplies integrated compression packages for gas lift applications.
  • Gas Gathering Compressor stations are an integral part of the natural gas pipeline network that moves natural gas from individual producing well sites to end users. Woodserv Gas Gathering Compression packages are robust, reliable and flexible; designed to meet the challenging requirements of gas gathering stations.
  • Casing Vapor Recovery (CVR) Casinghead compressors are typically characterized by low suction pressure (0 to 25 psig). They often discharge at low pressure (50 to 300 psig) into the suction of a booster or flash gas compressor or into a low-pressure gas gathering system that gathers gas from several locations to a central compressor station.
  • Fuel Gas Boosting Compressors In gas fired power plants, the fuel gas booster compresses natural gas from a pipeline to maintain a consistent fuel supply to the gas turbine. Woodserv designs robust packages that ensure the highest reliability, and avoid costly turbine trips.
  • Zero Flare Units A system for Zero Flaring enables the recovery of the gas that would normally be flared during normal, stable production mode of the facility. Woodserv packages mobile units that include Compression and can be mobilized at short notice.