Going digital with DEAP Vision


Our Digital Energy Solution allows clients to monitor and capitalize on real-time information, alarming management, historical retention on wells, and in-depth asset data analytics to make proactive decisions to maximize their production.

Real-time sensor data is processed to provide clear analysis of all relevant information from wells and surface networks. The WoodServ Digital Platform aggregates more than 50,000 critical tags from SCADA software system used to optimize the operation of the equipment and reduce downtime.

Utilizing digital technology and analytics, WoodServ is well positioned to provide the facilities and services for the hydrocarbon production of our customers.

Real Time Location System – HSE


Based on Facial Recognition using AI Algorithm for security Control, WoodServ & DEAP Vision created a Realtime Personnel Location System e-TrackSys to Protect employees, Improving Field security, Safety and Prevent fatality scenarios.

It Counts, tracks and monitors when employees are moving inside the Facility. It is entirely automated and optimized.

Employee Profile Database (Name, ID, Working permit, Vaccination, H2S Certification expiration date, Training, etc…).

Safe Zone Access, Restricted Zone Access per Employee, Emission monitoring, Alarms & Reporting Dashboard.

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