Regional Manufacturing and Service Facility Centres

WoodServ has world-class integrated service centers specifically designed for packaging, manufacture, distribution, maintenance and service of Oil &  Gas equipment and spare  parts.  All of WoodServ’s activities are within a safe and secure environment and have direct access to main transportation  routes and ports. From these facilities WoodServ have the  technical capability to also provide the following:

  • Applications engineering associated with package revamping
  • Provide equipment for short term rentals during major  overhauls and revamps, swing engine programs
  • Fabrication and Assembly of Gas skid units
  • Retrofit – including of optimization of compression
  • Supply new or reconditioned parts for major components such engines, engine heads, compressors and pumps
  • Exchange program available for engines and major components
  • Engine conversions to turbo-charged or clean burn conversions, emissions compliance for non compliant existing installations

Located in Dammam Industrial Area strategically close to the Oil and Gas fields of Aramco in the Eastern Province of  Saudi  Arabia and with easy access to the major port of Dammam for  easy delivery to the GCC and International market.

Admin.  Building  –  450  m2:  Management  and other supporting function offices

  • Production  Area  –  3,226  m2: Main  packaging and production area, equipped with 2 nos. 40 tons & 1 no. 20 Ton overhead cranes, and other necessary equipment
  • Labor Facility – 342 m2: Mess hall, locker rooms, training hall
  • Plot Area – 11,025 m2
  • Washing & Painting Building – 429 m2: Final Product washing, painting and coating area
  • Warehouse  –  330  m2:  Open  working  space ground floor with offices space for technical supporting teams.

WoodServ FZCO is located within the Oilfield Supply Centre of  Jebel Ali giving it access to multiple worshops, fabrication facilities and approved suppliers of high quality components allowing it to package and service all the requirements  and  standards of its International clients.

  • Access to 18,000 square feet fully air conditioned workshop which covers many applications with specialized coating services.
  • With almost 4 million square feet of open storage area within Jebel Ali and TechnoPark facilities WoodServ is able to accommodate short and long term storage of oilfield equipment.